Natural Sugar Scrubs

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Natural Sugar Scrubs

Enjoy a variety of our all natural sugar scrubs. They are filled with Natural botanical ingredients and essential oils which not only leaves your skin super hydrated throughout the day but has a number of  topical benefits for your skin and may even help tackle some of your skin aliments such as sunburn, cold sores, itching and eczema. Check out our top sellers like Sweet Aloe. Our scrubs are also Available as a Salt Scrub.

List of our scrubs

Brown  Sugar Scrub - This Scrub is idea for your hands. It has a subtle burst of vanilla extract . This is a decadent scrub that can serve as an amazing gift!

Sweet Aloe Scrub- The benefits of  our  all natural botanical  Aloe Scrub is endless but to name a few Natural Aloe Vera is:


Anti- Fungal

Naturally slows the aging of cells

Aids in fighting Psoriasis

and many more skin benefits!

* NOTE*  You should never use manufactured aloe gels that are mixed with other chemicals! often times its been heated and added with fillers which minimizes its natural essence and effectiveness.

Cherry Coconut Scrub- This scrub is chock full of coconut oil along with other essentials oils however does not leave a rancid scent its the perfect balance of essential oils and our special sugar mix.

Sweet Lemon Scrub-  This scrubs has tons of benefits for your skin. Lemons naturally provides anti aging properties while infused with essential oils. This scrub truly has a zesty exfoliating feel. 

Mocha Latte' Scrub - Coffee Coffee Coffee!!! Many don't know the amazing benefits of coffee for your skin. This scrub is anti - aging and works well under the eyes. Its helps to decrease dark circles and bags. We recommend this as a face scrub and not for total body, However due to its all natural ingredients it should not harm any other parts of the body. Not Available as a Salt Scrub.

All Scrubs (Except Sweet Aloe) contains all natural and totally edible ingredients however it is not recommended you consume it. Our Sweet Aloe Scrubs are made from all natural ingredients however research have shown that Aloe Vera skin is not to be consumed in high quantities. Our Salt Scrubs are available in all variations except Mocha Latte' . Salt Scrubs are a great solution to help tackle eczema.