Wig Maintenance

Our Wig Maintenance sessions are available for all Buttas Hair Emporium wigs, This helps to ensure longevity for each unit. We don't find it to be a beneficial  practice (economically) to purchase wigs for $200 or more and not have it for atleast 5 years. Our goal to is make sure that all of our clients get to experience the full use of 100% Virgin Indian Hair!! No more dealing with low quality hair and not getting your money's worth. 

Just as your natural hair requires care and maintenance, so will you Indian remy units.

Just as you would not put certain chemicals in your hair that is the ways you must treat your units.

We use certain hair products ( that are not harmful) and even a certain type of water to wash, treat and style each unit and this is why they last. 

With each unit that you purchase with T.H.E you will get one complimentary wig maintenance session. You should use this session after 3 months of use to keep it nice and fresh every session thereafter will be $25.

Contact us for any questions! and have a slayful day.